DJ Magazine Cybersonica DV

A quarter of a million cover mounted CDs stuck on the front of DJ magazine featuring my visual software Derek And Norma Olden.

The software is quite old now, but still has some good features. Here is the release notes from the time…..

. . . this is an update of the original based on a program written for kathy hinde. Derek And Norma Olden will let you mix two video clips together with the greatest of ease . . .
upated on this was a bit I put in for Kathy. One of the video pods can now be turned into a live video manipulator, and you can record off and feed it in the other video mixer, mixing between firewire inputs, webcams, folders of film clips, video loops, whatever . . .
also the ‘mixing’ part of Derek And Norma Olden has been updated . . . allowing not just basic mixing but also loads of compositing and quicktime mixing options too . . . A work in progress but it’ll be updated soon, and often.


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