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Tap Sew

TBC editions, limited to 50 Pro-mastered cassette, packaged in hand stitched textile bag, with screen printed sleeve and inlays. Comes with handmade …


Benefit Beats

Made on the night of the Bristol TESCO riots and finished by the London riots.Video footage, assembled by Dave, from the Portis …


FIFO Dump dumps The Beatles

FIFO Dump takes midi files and dumps their contents as fast as he can. Here he is dumping the entire Beatles back …

bbuuble sort

Bubble Sort sorts The Beatles

Bubble sort is the simplest list sorting algorithm that works by repeatedly swapping the adjacent elements if they are in wrong order. …

speed archer

Speed Archer

Class war in the countryside! Class war in Ambridge! Speed Archer takes a corpus of the BBC radio drama The Archers, every …


Radio Silence 4

Radio silence 4 takes an incoming audio feed of BBC Radio 4 and strips the noise of voices, and keeps the silence. …

albert ross

Albert Ross

Rolling over the skies until normal transmissions can be resumed.


Ouroboros Ouroboros

Ouroboros Ouroboros puts tracks up on soundcloud and automatically plays them over and over again. Whilst this happens he streams it via …