FIFO Dump – erik satie – vexations (FIFO dump 3125 bytes per seconds)

erik satie – vexations (FIFO dump 3125 bytes per seconds)

concert notes

FIFO dump operates a first in , first out list dump on MIDI Files.

A MIDI file is rather like an electronic player piano roll, they are computer files,when opened in the appropiate sequencer program, contians a musical score. This information can then be sent to an instrument ,electronicaly, to play back the original score. All the information you would expect in a traditional score can be contianed in a MIDI file.

When being electronicaly sent MIDI has a Baud rate of 31250; at optimum this is 31250 bits per second. A MIDI byte is 8 bits plus a start and stop bit, and each MIDI message is three bytes, which gives a total of 30 bits per message.

This means that under optimal conditions, a maximum of 1042 messages per second can be obtained via the MIDI protocol. In reality you would get significantly less.

Every note action consists of a note on and a note off; that gives you 521 notes per second flat-out, not taking into account outside factors like jitter and target-device buffer delay. The midi play back instrument may also have its own issues with the rate of transmission. 521 notes per second equates to each note being played 1.91938579654511 milliseconds after each other.

The midi score of Vexations contains 144 note ons, combine each with a note off leaves us with 288 midi byes per cycle. 288 midi bytes equates to 8640 actual bytes per cycle. Vexations is repeated 840 times, this means the final dump FIFO does is 120960 notes, 241920 midi bytes or 7257600 actual bytes.

FIFO dumps this information at a rate of 31250 bytes per second to match the maximum speed of midi transmission.

Here FIFO dumps the same information,but to the computers on board quick time instruments

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