Radio Silence 4

Radio silence 4 takes an incoming audio feed of BBC Radio 4 and strips the noise of voices, and keeps the silence. This silence is then re-broadcast.
As the silence is collected, artefacts of noise are retained, the parts of speech we generally ignore – the breaths between words, the errs, the bits we do unconsciously before and after the word is formed and spoken. When the voice of radio is gone and all we can listen to is the silence, the pauses, stutters and coughs; the mechanics of speech take on a different meaning, articulating what we cannot hear is being said. The urgency or the uncertainty in the silence artefacts reveal a shibboleth, which tells a story. Visually, a feed from a live camera pointing at the radio is streamed with the audio showing the DAB description of what we are not not hearing displayed on the radio’s LCD display.