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Unkindest Cut

Set inside a shipping container Unkindest Cut is intimate and intricate. Interweaving classical Indian dance, spoken word and film with an interactive …

The Beatless

Continually remixing the back catalogue of the fab four , then streaming it on Youtube


In collaboration with Brendan Walker, Matthew created an interactive musical engine for a virtual roller coaster that used body and brain monitoring …

Sounds Of Our Shores

Bespoke recording software designed for a National Trust project designed to capture memories of the seaside from the public in a traveling …

Productive Marginals

Productive Marginals is a series of real and meta computer characters who respond to the Productive Margins archive. You can find out …


Software, light and sound design for Ulf Pedersen’s Lys*Arp. It has been shown in Iceland, UK and the Faroe Islands. Read about it …

Vocal Migrations

Raspberry Pi development and software design for the artist Kathy Hinde. read more about it here

PLAY.orchestra: 2006

Software programming and hardware specification by Matthew Olden for Philharmonic Orchestra interactive installation PLAY.orchestra 1st August 2006, South Bank Centre, London.