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Programming for Jony Easterby, read about it here

Fluxgate A/V

Programming for Jony Easterby’s updated sound sculpture Fluxgate. read about it here


Dmx programming and sound design for Ulf Pedersen Heres a video of them in action at Sounding The River Droplets Ulf Pedersen …

Sounds Of Our Shores

Bespoke recording software designed for a National Trust project designed to capture memories of the seaside from the public in a traveling …

Luminous Brids

DMX lighting software design for the artist Kathy Hinde. A flock of origami birds are suspended over a shopping street, each with an LED …

Tipping Point

Audio visual software for the artist Kathy Hinde. read more about it here

Piano Migrations

Bespoke vision tracking and reactive software created for  Kathy Hinde. read more about it here

The Sounds Of Others

software design and production for Marcus Coates’s sound installation, “The sound of others”, read about it here and here.


Software, light and sound design for Ulf Pedersen’s Lys*Arp. It has been shown in Iceland, UK and the Faroe Islands. Read about it …