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DJ Magazine Cybersonica DV

A quarter of a million cover mounted CDs stuck on the front of DJ magazine featuring my visual software Derek And Norma …


Productive Marginals

Productive Marginals is a series of real and meta computer characters who respond to the Productive Margins archive. You can find out …


A.N.D Residency

With the artist Kathy Hinde I was artist in residence on the canal boat The Olden Hinde. Travelling the Rochdale Ring and …


Piano Migrations

Bespoke vision tracking and reactive software created for  Kathy Hinde. read more about it here

barging small

Barging Through London (Again)

Soundtrack to the film Barging Through London (Again), a collaboration with Tim Olden, a very nice re-make of the 1924 film Barging …


Repeat to Flourish

Soundrack to the film Reapeat to Flourish (A Somewhere film by Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope with Alice Powell. )  Following the …


No Signal, 2003

1st March 2003: Software that creates a Self Generative film by i am the mighty jungulator Generative video engine/jukebox thingy: this one draws …