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silent moive

Silent Movie Hour

Taking an hour of video and removing the noise. Here the Rolagsky process is applied to Eastenders. feeding, fucking and fighting from …


FIFO Dump dumps The Beatles

FIFO Dump takes midi files and dumps their contents as fast as he can. Here he is dumping the entire Beatles back …

bbuuble sort

Bubble Sort sorts The Beatles

Bubble sort is the simplest list sorting algorithm that works by repeatedly swapping the adjacent elements if they are in wrong order. …


Ouroboros Ouroboros

Ouroboros Ouroboros puts tracks up on soundcloud and automatically plays them over and over again. Whilst this happens he streams it via …


Below The Blanket

For the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (July 2019) I contributed a large scale sound installation using scientific data to produce a multi-speaker …

daily motion

Fancy cat videos

theres a selction of them on Daily Motion, where they never take down a video. watch them here


Tap Sew

A high drama duet of sewing machine and tap dance. Scissors on thread; needle through cotton; metal via body on floor. The …



sonograph visualiser for multichannel mixes