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sonograph visualiser for multichannel mixes


K Framer

a piece of software that takes out the k frames in video files, resulting in a bleed of pixels


I am the mighty jungulator

First developed in 1998, at the DA2 workshop in Dartington College. Worked up and on in the subsequent years, taken up By …


DJ Magazine Cybersonica DV

A quarter of a million cover mounted CDs stuck on the front of DJ magazine featuring my visual software Derek And Norma …


3d Harmonographs

Software – Free Download 3.10.06 This program creates stunning 3d Harmonographs from 3 different wave forms, deciding the movement of the x,y …

culturecrunchscreen copy

Culture Crunch: 2006

Generative Software and download by i am the mighty jungulator A global zeitgeist engine, a crystal ball with a cassandra complex, munching …


No Signal, 2003

1st March 2003: Software that creates a Self Generative film by i am the mighty jungulator Generative video engine/jukebox thingy: this one draws …


Sound Editor

Designed as a free piece of software for use in workshops. Sound Editor gives the functionality of the old sound editing program …