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Kittens in the ketchup

remix for the woodlice, listen to it here heres the video for the original version The Woodlice -Kittens in the Ketchup- from …


Tap Sew

TBC editions, limited to 50 Pro-mastered cassette, packaged in hand stitched textile bag, with screen printed sleeve and inlays. Comes with handmade …


Fist Of God

Feeding itself by scraping media from Youtube, The Fist Of God presents a rolling overview of the psyche, the zietgiest, distilling then …


Benefit Beats

Made on the night of the Bristol TESCO riots and finished by the London riots.Video footage, assembled by Dave, from the Portis …

silent moive

Silent Movie Hour

Taking an hour of video and removing the noise. Here the Rolagsky process is applied to Eastenders. feeding, fucking and fighting from …


Ouroboros Ouroboros

Ouroboros Ouroboros puts tracks up on soundcloud and automatically plays them over and over again. Whilst this happens he streams it via …