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Fist Of God

Feeding itself by scraping media from Youtube, The Fist Of God presents a rolling overview of the psyche, the zietgiest, distilling then …


Benefit Beats

Made on the night of the Bristol TESCO riots and finished by the London riots.Video footage, assembled by Dave, from the Portis …


FIFO Dump dumps The Beatles

FIFO Dump takes midi files and dumps their contents as fast as he can. Here he is dumping the entire Beatles back …

albert ross

Albert Ross

Rolling over the skies until normal transmissions can be resumed.


Unkindest Cut

Set inside a shipping container Unkindest Cut is intimate and intricate. Interweaving classical Indian dance, spoken word and film with an interactive …

Movie Clipping 1

Portrait of Swindon

a site made for the Swindon film festival, with the generative portrait of Swindon film. visit it here


Productive Marginals

Productive Marginals is a series of real and meta computer characters who respond to the Productive Margins archive. You can find out …


A.N.D Residency

With the artist Kathy Hinde I was artist in residence on the canal boat The Olden Hinde. Travelling the Rochdale Ring and …

barging small

Barging Through London (Again)

Soundtrack to the film Barging Through London (Again), a collaboration with Tim Olden, a very nice re-make of the 1924 film Barging …


Repeat to Flourish

Soundrack to the film Reapeat to Flourish (A Somewhere film by Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope with Alice Powell. )  Following the …