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Ouroboros Ouroboros

Ouroboros Ouroboros puts tracks up on soundcloud and automatically plays them over and over again. Whilst this happens he streams it via …


FIFO Dump dumps The Beatles

FIFO Dump tales midi files and dumps their contents as fast as he can. Here he is dumping the entire Beatles back …

bbuuble sort

Bubble Sort sorts The Beatles

Bubble Sort program notes Bubble sort is the simplest list sorting algorithm that works by repeatedly swapping the adjacent elements if they …

speed archer

Speed Archer

Class war in the countryside! Class war in Ambridge! Speed Archer takes a corpus of the BBC radio drama The Archers, every …

the beatless

With The Beatless

Four lads who shook the world, from Carl Jung’s pool of life, the crash of a tsunami of new currents that broke …


Radio Silence 4

Radio silence 4 takes an incoming audio feed of BBC Radio 4 and strips the noise of voices, and keeps the silence. …


Fist Of God

Feeding itself by scraping media from Youtube, The Fist Of God presents a rolling overview of the psyche, the ziegtgiest , distilling …

albert ross

Albert Ross

Rolling over the skies until normal transmissions can be resumed.

jung pic1

Jungulator TV

Jungulator TV is a live 24/7 generative streaming station. Content being provided from the many esoteric computer programs of Matthew Olden. Jungulator …