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K Framer

a piece of software that takes out the k frames in video files, resulting in a bleed of pixels



Dougs games of life.he plays it and always loses. He wishes it would stop

tank - rainforest


Tank makes music after watching the telivison Tank also went to the Brazilian rain forest to relax

mr acker - rainforest

Mr Aker

A generative bot who makes music from the stuff that annoys him as therapy here he is in the Brazilian rain forest


B Eno Beano

generative ambient piano works. Here’s his lp Thursday Morning. here he is putting his music to a 3d video

albert ross

Albert Ross

When tramissions have stopped, we go to an intermission


The Beatless

Continually remixing the back catalogue of the fab four , then streaming it on Youtube

this is acting

Rolagsky Videos

taking films and removing the noise. Youtube has a habit of removing these….


Speed Archers

Episodes of the Archers, remixed by various algorithms.